Man helping youth navigate an obstruction on the trail

Assess Report Map & Mitigate

Trails need maintenance so we have developed Armm our answer to making our trails safe for all.

Many of you carry equipment to mitigate minor issues like deadfalls and the like so if you can restore the trail please send us your report and a video or photo so we can recognize you as a Trail Guardian. You are a Hero and deserve recognition for your efforts to maintain a safe riding experience, Thank You.

When you see issues you can’t fix while travelling on trails please mark the spot, safety markers are available from the club, if you have a GPS set a waypoint, take a photo or video and report the issue to us when you return to network access. Download your photo/video and waypoint and a description of the issue to As a trail Hero, You will also be recognized as a Trail Guardian.

You can pick up a safety marker from us at the next meeting or our booth on Tulameen Days.

We will soon have decals and Tshirts available for our Trail Hero’s