Club Rides and Events

Club RIDE Etiquette


A headcount will be done.

RIDE leader and tail gunner will be assigned.

The RIDE leader will ask the riding skill level of the group.

Ride leader will give an overview of the RIDE.

The RIDE leader will assign a radio channel.

Line of Quads
Club Rides

“Always respect others when you pass on the trail.”



Always RIDE with your lights ON.

Always stay on the main road/trail, the rider in front of you will stop and signal a  turnoff.

Then you MUST do the same for the rider following you.

Remember you are responsible for the rider behind you in the line.

Do not pass unless the rider in front of you signals you to do so.

Never try to keep up to the rider in front if the pace makes you uncomfortable.

The RIDE leader will make stops to allow everyone to catch-up and do a headcount.

If you are uncomfortable with a section of trail stop and the group will help you.

If you become separated from the group STOP go back to the first intersection you come to and wait, the group Will come find you. DO  NOT continue riding you will make it harder to find you.

Lastly, if you choose to leave the group you MUST inform the RIDE leader.

Helmet and Insurance mandatory and No Alcohol permitted