Trails Stories

Trails we know and love

The Barbed Wire Trail

This trail is as good as it gets if you like to tool through the forest and view Tulameen and Otter Lake from above.

A short trail, about a 1-hour circle route that returns you back to the start at the Otter Valley Fish and Game Clubs Shooting Range. Or you can stop and savour the views of the Town and the Lake including vistas of the surrounding mountains.

We like to stop and have a snack or a beverage at one of the overlooks, take some pics and talk about where we would like to build a house or cabin.

The locals want this trail to stay as pristine as possible so future generations can experience it as we do. Another hidden gem waiting to be discovered.

The Cable Run Trail

History awaits while you climb to the top of the mountain along the old cableway that used to feed the Coalworks at Coalmont. Old and crumbling wooden towers once supported coal bins attached to massive cables that carried Coal to the base of the mountain and the Rail car filling machinery at Coalmont. The Kettle Valley Railroad shipped their cargo to the shipping docks of Vancouver.