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  • Trail Guardians

    Stuart Halyk working to untangle a fence that threatens to wash out a bridge on the KVR.

  • ARMM

    Assess Report Map & Mitigate Trails need maintenance so we have developed Armm our answer to making our trails safe for all. Many of you carry equipment to mitigate minor issues like deadfalls and the like so if you can restore the trail please send us your report and a video or photo so we…

  • Partners & Affiliates

    Partners & Affiliates

    Under Construction How did this sign get here? Product About Team Contact Terms Promo News

  • Club Rides and Events

    Club RIDE Etiquette PRIOR TO THE RIDE A headcount will be done. RIDE leader and tail gunner will be assigned. The RIDE leader will ask the riding skill level of the group. Ride leader will give an overview of the RIDE. The RIDE leader will assign a radio channel. “Always respect others when you pass…

  • Developing a Safe Riding Experience in Tulameen

    Tulameen is known for its friendliness towards ORV’s and prides itself on being a destination that riders enjoy visiting. The Province of British Columbia has a regulation that requires owners of ORV’s to abide by, and have placed stiff fines for infractions, the potential for machine confiscation, Jail time and Police Records that are shared with…