Tulameen ATV Club

ATV with camping gear on the front traveling the Whipsaw.

Riding on Tulameen streets

Tulameen ATV Club promotes safe riding experiences with a focus on the enjoyment of our nature in and around Tulameen & Coalmont. The club recommends the trail offshoots of Lawless road, Tulameen Bluffs road and the KVR. These trails are connected and accessed by 2nd Avenue. Members obey all local rules and guide others to do the same.

As of June 2020 all streets in GREEN can be used to access trails.

Our Club

Join our Club to meet new friends, Ride as a club, and find and explore new trails. Join monthly official club rides and individual member-organized rides. Look for Notices here or on our Facebook page.

We ride to local wilderness attractions like waterfalls, lakes, creeks and rivers. Ride to the top of one of the mountains accessible via the trails to take in the view. Ride just for fun and explore the hundreds of trails surrounding Tulameen, Coalmont and the Kettle Valley Rail Trail (KVR).

The Club holds 3 to 6 meetings per year. This year we will have a weekend campout and a games day. Our Board of Directors and Members are committed to building the Tulameen ATV Club into a strong force for supporting and protecting ATV access.

The club is committed to boots on the ground style trail maintenance and repair please get involved with, ARMM. ARMM recognizes our Trail Hero’s through our Trail Guardian program.

Trail Guardians

The Trail Guardian program in concert with ARMM recognizes those that go out of their way to keep our trails safe. You can view our Trail Guardians and the work they do on the Guardians Page.

Sponsor us

We are working towards developing a network of partners and sponsors with similar goals for the club. Let us know if you would like to get involved.

Two ATV's on a hill
Line of Quads on a Club ride
Tulameen ATV Club Logo
Double Riders on a trail
Man working on Trail Maintenance
Rider ducking under a leaning tree